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Robocash offers an instant online loan without any paperwork. The Intelligent Robocash approves the application within a minute without any advance charges.The loan is provided automatically.

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Loans provided by Inditrade Fincorp Ltd. RBI Registered NBFC

Access to 10,000* INR in just 15 min after loan application (*terms and conditions apply)

Entirely online process which can be completed from the comfort of your home

Minimum documentation, no guarantors or collateral required

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Indian citizen
Age: 21-60

Job status: Been in the current job for at least three months

Location: Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ahmadabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Kochi, Chennai, Surat and Vadodara.

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What is an instant loan in India?

Instant loan online is a credit which you can get instantly from the comfort of your home without any paperwork. Instant personal loan app like Robocash provides you money quickly on all days, even on holidays. Moreover, it is available with very basic documents like PAN Card, Selfie and Address proof.

You can get quick loans online starting from Rs. 1,000 by applying from the mobile phone. There are many online credit apps in India. The best app for an instant loan can provide you with Money within a minute.

To get a quick loan online, you will need an active phone number and smartphone. Some companies allow you to apply from a website and any device. You will need to provide a photo of your PAN Card and Address proof mandatory. Some lenders may ask you for a salary slip as well.

These instant online loans are available for short term needs with a tenure starting from 7 days to 180 days. You do not have to provide any guarantor for taking money from a small vault loan app. Generally, it is a very simple process and does not require any collateral.

Next time if you have a cash crunch at month-end or you need instant Money for any emergency. You do not have to ask your friend or your family for financial help. A small personal loan can rescue you from such a situation.

How to get an instant personal loan in Robocash

How to get an instant loan is a very common question. Getting a small personal loan from Robocash is a very simple process. To start the process, you need to visit the Robocash website or download the app. App provides a faster approval compared to websites.

How to get a loan online?
To register for Robocash instant loan in India, you need to follow these steps

  • Register with mobile number
  • Enter OTP
  • Provide your details like Date of Birth, Name, Gender, Address etc.
  • Provide your bank details
  • Upload photos of your document
  • Wait for approval
  • Get Money in your bank account

To check the charges and interest rate of quick loan app, you can check Robocash Loan Calculator online. Robocash provides quick loans with no income proof in India. You will only need PAN and Address proof.

When you repay your first credit money on time, you can take money again with higher approval limits. To get a second small loan online, you need to follow these steps:

  • Login to your Robocash Account
  • Select amount and terms
  • Sign the Agreement with OTP
  • Get Money in your bank account instantly

Repeat customers can get Money within a minute in their account without waiting for any manual approval. You need to upload photos of the document only for the first time. From your second time, you will get Money instantly.
Robocash is one of India's few instant loan apps without a salary slip that provides the money.

Instant cash loan in 1 hour in India

Did you find the best deal on the phone which you wanted to buy? Unfortunately, it is ending shortly, and you need cash. Do you want to gift something to your special one on some occasion on a special day but running out of cash? Did you like that dress in a shopping mall but you don't have Money instantly to buy it? No matter what the situation is, an instant cash loan can help you.

Usually, it is not easy to get a credit in such a short time. Traditional lenders will ask you to submit documents and paperwork, and it can take many days. However, the quick cash loan app Robocash can help you in such a situation to get Money immediately. Applying for a loan online is the fastest method. Existing users can avail the Money within a few minutes on any day. It makes Robocash one of the fastest instant loan app.

If you do not have a fixed job, then also you can take money. Robocash is one of the best instant loan apps for the self-employed.

Features like instant loan approval, online applications, makes Instant cash loan easy and convenient to avail in less than 1 hour.

Next time, do not miss the opportunity of small happiness like shopping or gifting your loved ones on a special day. Get an instant personal loan in 1 hour in India from Robocash and fulfil your wishes.

Instant loan apps in India

Instant loan apps in India are roaring these days. They are easy, convenient and super fast. People from any part of the country can get an instant personal loan from these apps to meet their financial needs.

Robocash is one of the best app for instant loan. It provides you with quick instant cash in your bank account. Here are the pros and cons of instant loan apps in India


  • Available 24/7 even on holidays
  • No paperwork or physical visit required
  • A good Credit score is not very important
  • Get Money directly in your bank account
  • Choose amount and term as per your convenience


  • Completely online process, and it will not work without the internet.
  • It is a small amount for short term needs. You cannot get a bigger amount.
  • It is available directly in your bank account, and you need to visit an ATM or bank to get cash.Instant loan in lockdown might be not available due to circumstances.

Instant cash loan app in India are good for getting a small loan online with a hassle-free and easy process. It is fast, convenient and available for all.

Quick and easy loans for pensioners

Financial difficulties can come to anyone, anytime. Credit is a great help in such situations. But, unfortunately, it becomes very challenging to get money from the market if you are a pensioner.

Pensioners have been an important part of our society for a long time. At Robocash, we value everyone, and we provide quick and easy loans for pensioners with the same terms as others.

To get money from Robocash, pensioners need to provide proof of pension, and they should be less than 60 years of age to avail the credit. Interest rate, processing fee and approval amount is the same as what we approve for other age groups based on their profile.

The Robocash system is very easy, and senior citizens can use it without any difficulty. We have our website and app available in regional languages as well. We also have a contact centre where they can call us to get help.

Mini cash loans online can help pensioners as much as it does to other groups. It is easy for pensioners to get it from the comfort of their home without visiting anywhere. They can use this quick personal loan for any purpose.

Instant loan for students

Students can avail financial support other than education loans. A quick cash loan app can help them to get money for other purposes. For example, students may need Money to make their projects or cover day to day expenses. It can be any reason, instant small loan app can help.

Students can do something innovative or different with their dream projects if they get financed. At Robocash, we support the dreams of our students.

Students can get an instant personal loan without documents. However, they need a photo of the PAN card and address proof. We provide credit to students who work part-time and have some source of income. We do not ask them to provide salary slips or any income proof.

Instant loans for students are available from the Robocash website or app. It is available to everybody who is 21 years or older. Unfortunately, Robocash does not provide money to anyone who is below 21 years of age.

Instant money loans can help students to contribute towards their dream project. It ensures they do not miss the fun of life. They can use this Money for any purpose without any restrictions. They can apply for credit online and get Money instantly in their bank account.

Instant business loan

Do you have your own small business, and you need Money? Small business owners lacked documents that banks require to provide funds. They also lack proper income proof as they do not have a salary slip, which reduces their chance of getting the credit.

Business loans are generally referred to as a loan of a big amount, and it requires lots of paperwork.Online Business loan is different. Small business and business owners can avail an instant business loan online. It is easy to get an Instant loan without documents online.

If you are a small business owner, you can get a credit from Robocash to repair your shop, car or bike, to buy or repair instruments and tools for your business. You want to pay your vendors on time. It can be any reason. You will get an instant loan approval just on your PAN Card and address proof at Robocash.

If the approval is small and not able to fulfil your needs, do not worry. You can repay that amount on time and get the next credit of a higher amount in a few clicks. You will not have to provide all the details again.

Get an Instant loan in India and support your business on time. Your journey of big dreams should not stop. Therefore, we help with your small needs. You need to pay interest only for the days you use Money. You will have an interest of only 15 days if you use the money for 15 days only.

Instant loan without documents online

Many people want to take credit, but they do not have the documents that lenders require. It isn't easy to get money without an appropriate document.

The online personal loan app allows you to take credit only on photos of your document. You will need to provide at least two documents to take credit as per government rules. PAN Card and Address proof is mandatory for KYC.

Some people have the assumption that for quick payday loans, they need only a salary slip, which is wrong. Suppose anyone is offering you money without any documents,then you should beware of such fraudsters. Fraudsters may ask you to pay in advance for the loan approval and run away.

Robocash offers instant loans only on photos of two documents 1) PAN Card 2) Address proof document. You do not need to send or present this document. However, you have to upload these documents on Robocash App or website. Please note, you will require to upload photos of the original document. Photocopies or screenshots will not work.

Quick loans with no proof of income in India

To take money from banks, you need to present your proof of income, like a salary slip. Many Indians do not work in a structured organization. People who have small shops or their own business like cab drivers fail to provide such documents.

To take quick cash loans in India, you do not need to provide income proof. However, some lenders may ask for a salary slip. At Robocash, we do not ask you to present any income proof like a salary slip.Robocash is one of the best instant loan app in India without salary slip.

You will need to provide information about how much you earn. We do not ask for any documents from you to prove it. It helps customers who work for small businesses, shops, who own shops or gig economy workers.

Small loans for the unemployed are not available. But people who have any source of income can get instant credit approval.

Instant personal loan with bad credit in India

A credit score is the most important when you want to take credit. A credit score is dependent on your credit history. If you have repaid your entire loan on time, you will have a good credit score. If you have a good credit score, it is very easy for you to get money.

If you do not have a good credit score in that situation, you can get a quick small loan. Instant personal loans online have less strict criteria of credit score. Robocash provides you with an instant personal loan with bad credit in India. If your credit score is bad due to some genuine reason, you can get credit from Robocash.

Tips to improve your credit score

  • Always repay your EMIs on time.
  • Pay outstanding bills. Do not keep your old credit bills unpaid.
  • Limit the number of hard enquiries of your credit score.

You can improve your credit score by repaying your Robocash loan on time. You will even get a higher limit on your next credit. Get a personal loan, apply online and do repayments on time to improve your credit score.


An instant loan can help you to meet your short term financial needs. They are easy to avail with minimum documents. Instant cash loan 24/7 in India are available. Any Indian who is 21-60 years old from operational cities can take money from Robocash.

To get a credit, you need a photo of 2 documents, i.e. PAN Card and address proof. Pensioner, Student, Self-employed, Business owner everyone can get instant loan in India. To get instant loan approval, one needs to provide all accurate information and documents.

When taking a credit, make sure you have clear financial goals. Do not take a loan if you cannot repay it on time. It will affect your credit score negatively. However, a loan is a good tool to help you with financial independence.

Representative Example: Loan amount ₹2,500, Term - 61 - 75 days* . An interest rate of 1.5% (For a client with extension or excellent CIBIL Score) for the entire period. APR= 8 - 36% - Interest - ₹37.5. Processing fees and other charges ₹442.5. Total amount to repay = ₹2500+₹37.5+₹442.5= ₹2980.