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Travel Loan in India

Key takeaways

  • A travel loan is available for any tours.
  • It helps if you don't have enough money for a vacation.
  • Robocash will give you a loan of up to Rs. 25,000.

What is a Travel Loan?

A travel loan is a type of personal loan available for any tour and travelling. It is primarily for the person who wants to visit someplace and vacation with their loved ones. Travel Loan is personal loan for travel.
If you want to take a break from your work and visit some unique places with your family and friend, then you need time and money. People can take leave from their work for adventure, and the first thing that needs to manage is cash. Here travel loans help you plan your trip for any Places Mountain to beach or hill stations, wherever you want to go.

A travel loan is not fixed for a specific type of travel. It's an unsecured personal loan. So you can take a loan for any travelling. 

Why do people apply for a travel loan?

People who apply for a travel loan may have lots of different reasons that varied to every individual. We all plan for our travel in advance, and most of the time, we do savings for travelling. At the very last moment, if you fell short of some funds in the end, a travel loan can help.

Sometimes you end up spending more than you planned. However, shopping, food and fun during your trip should not get affected by your funds. Therefore travel loan helps you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

Main reasons why you should take a travel loan

Take a break from a busy schedule

Most of us are always busy in life. A short break helps to gain peace and energy. On a short break, you can travel to hill stations, beaches, or anywhere you find peace.

Spend some quality time with Friends and Family

We all enjoy spending time with friends and family. However, time spent with a friend is always memorable and give you a chance to celebrate your happiness. You can take a travel loan and enjoy your vacation with family members.

Attending Wedding

Do you want to attend a wedding of a friend or family members? Probably it will come with short notice, and you might have to travel to another city for a wedding. In India, marriage functions are the most memorable and enjoyable time of life. However, you will have expenses like buying gifts, new clothes etc. Therefore, you may end up running out of cash during planning. A holiday loans can help you to meet your financial needs.

Relaxing your mind and body

Do you want peace for your mind and body after some time that helps you rejuvenate your mind and body. Travel loans help you relax your mind and body and do your work with more energy and better productivity.

Celebrate holidays with spouse and children

If you plan a trip with your family and want to spend some time at a specific place or your dream destination. Travel loans help you to manage your all expenses during the tour.  
Explore new destinations

If you love travelling and want to explore new destinations and places, you might end with a cash shortage. For full-time travelers, it becomes difficult to get a loan if they do not have a fixed source of income. Travel loans can help them to fulfill their needs. They do not need to show income documents to take a travel loan.

Adventure of your dream place

Are you an adventurous person? Do you want to go on an adventure like trekking, hiking etc.? Some adventurous places don't allow you to visit all the time. But, you can go there on selected period. A travel loan can help you not miss your adventures.

Where can I borrow money for a trip?

There are several options you have for borrowing money for travelling. Where can you borrow money is dependent on your need and convenience. Travel Loan India are easy to get.

Before taking a loan, you should evaluate your need for money for the tour and your repayment ability. When you take a higher amount of money for the long term, in this case, you face difficulties in repayment, and it will impact your financial management and health. So you should take an amount which you can return without stress.

If you need a higher loan amount for a long time for a more expensive tour like a foreign tour, then a bank is an option for you. If you take a loan from a bank must be prepared for the repayment ability for the long term and overall interest you pay. Taking a holidays loan from a bank need a high credit score, and you have to go through a long process.
Credit Card

A credit card is also an option for you, but the overall APR you pay is always high compare to other forms of loan. It is not a good idea to delay your credit card bill or take a loan from a credit card for the long term. However, if you can return money in a short period, a credit card is a good option.

Family and friend

Family and friend is always an option for any type emergency need, so you should consider it. However, in this case, if the repayment of the amount is not made on time, it impacts the relationship.

Online Companies

In India lot of companies provide online travel loans. It helps you in the fulfilment of cash shortage for the tour. An instant online loan like Robocash helps you getting money without difficulty

through a simple online process. You get money in your bank account within a minute from Robocash.

Robocash travel loan online

Robocash online loan helps you fulfil your dream of travailing to a specific place and plan any other tour for adventure. Robocash online loan is a digital process and does not need any physical process. You take a tour loan from Robocash at your convenience, and repayment of the loan is totally pocket friendly. For taking a travel loan online, you can apply on site or Robocash mobile application.  

Eligibility criteria of Robocash personal loan for travel

  • The borrower must be a 21 to 58-year-old and Indian citizen.
  • People who are self-employed and salaried are eligible for the holiday loan/travel loan.
  • Document required for Robocash travel loan online is Pan Card and one other document for address proof. 

Robocash travel loan process is a digital process. Therefore, you do not need any physical verification and hardcopy of a document.

If you are looking for a loan for travel in India Then, a Robocash travel loan is best for you. It is an unsecured loan and does not need a guarantor and any collateral.

Travel loan FAQ

☑How can I get money for Holiday?

To take a Robocash loan for holidays, you need to apply on or Robocash mobile app. In the application, you need to fill in personal detail and upload the document. After verification, the loan amount will be disbursed in your bank account.

☑What is the interest rate of a travel loan?

Rate of interest for travel loan change from company to company and your credit score. At Robocash, you get a chance to take a travel loan at an attractive rate of interest.

☑Can I take a travel loan for my solo trip?

Yes, you can get a loan for a solo trip, just like other travel loans. A travel loan is a type of unsecured personal loan so you can get a Travel loan for a solo trip.

☑How much loan can I get for travelling?

The amount of money you take from a travel loan depends upon your repayment ability and credit score. In Robocash, you can take a minimum of 1000 amount as a travel loan.

Useful tips on a travel budget

If you already planed a holiday and have already finalized a date and time. Then before applying for the holiday loan, you must prepare a budget and other things needed.

  1. Checklist for your travel plan
  2. Choose a destination for tour
  3. Research about the place
  4. Set up an itinerary
  5. Make an overall budget
  6. Assess your existing fund
  7. Evaluate your repayment ability
  8. Apply for a travel loan
  9. Avoid unnecessary purchase and expense


An online instant loan like Robocash is the best option for a small amount short term loan for a tourist travel. The online loan process is simple and easy for anyone. 
Before travelling and applying for the loan, remember to search for places and basic amenities available. You should also prepare an overall budget for the tour and your existing fund and apply for a travel loan for the remaining amount. On tour, you must keep some extra money that helps you in any emergency and needs extra money.

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