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Salary advance loan in India

Key takeaways

  • A salary advance loan is a loan taken by salaried employees. 
  • The lending companies provide these type of loans.
  • You can get an urgent loan from Robocash with minimal documents.

A salary advance loan is granted as financial support for small charges before you get your salary. Digital lending companies give a salary advance loan. Some banks and NBFC also provide advance salary facilities. You can also take a Salary advance loan from your employer if they are giving such a facility. For example, you work very hard to get your monthly salary and spend it according to your need. However, in some months the expenses are higher than your salary. In this case, you can apply for the salary advance loan.

How does Salary Advance Loan work 

A salary advance loan in India is a short term loan provided to salaried people. You can apply for the salary advance loan online. Application for salary advance loans mostly comes from tier one and tier two cities. Advance salary loan in Delhi, Mumbai, and other metro cities are more popular. Digital lending companies also give services in these cities. An advance salary loan is available to take extra cash whenever you need money. Some people apply for the loan in the middle of the month to fulfill the family need. You can apply for an advance salary loan for any expenses. For example, you can use this money to buy daily needs products, repair your bike or car. This money can also help you in situations like a medical emergency.

The salary advance loan repayment will be refunded in the form of EMI or a one-time payment. Salary advance loan is short term loan so the borrower can repay the loan in a single installment. In case the loan amount is high, then the repayment is in the form of EMI. The duration of the loan can be from 15 days to 12 months. The period of the loan depends on the amount of the loan and customer convenience.

Salary advance loan application

A salary advance loan is an unsecured loan that is provided at minimal document. Getting an advance salary loan is easier than other loans. Salaried employees get the required amount in a simple online loan process. The amount of advance salary loan is decided by the salary of the employee. The companies also have a set of rules for the number of loans.

Digital lending companies give salary advance loans up to three times salary in case of a good credit score. Company to company, the amount of the loan against salary is different. Companies use different parameters for the rate of interest, loan amount and tenures.

You can apply for a salary advance loan from the website of the lending company or app. Application from the salary advance app is simple for the users. In the salary advance app, you put all the information and upload the document. In the current scenario, everyone keeps the entire document on their mobile phone. Therefore, it makes uploading the document in the mobile app is easier than other modes.
After the application for the loan, the lender will review your application manually or by an automated system.
Suppose you fulfil the company’s criteria of the instant salary advance loan. The amount will be credited to your account.

The most common step for the advance salary loan

  1. Register with mobile no. and Email-id
  2. Fill in the basic details
  3. Fill job status
  4. Upload the required KYC document
  5. Wait for the approval
  6. The Loan amount will be credited to your account

Eligibility Criteria and Documents for Salary Advance Loan

Instant salary advance loan eligibility and need of the document are changes from one company to another. Here are some common criteria which every company follows

  1. Must have a citizen of India;
  2. A minimum fixed salary of 15000. Companies like Robocash does not have a rule for the minimum required salary;
  3.  The minimum age is more than 21;
  4. The maximum age is 60;
  5. Minimum three months in current job and one year of work experience;
  6. Must have a pan card and active bank account;
  7. You should be all the required documents.

Document required for advance salary loan in India

  1. Latest Selfie
  2. Identity proof documents like Pan card and Adhar
  3. Permanent and current address proof
  4. Current employment proof
  5. Three-month salary slip
  6. Six-month bank statement

**The terms for the instant salary advance loan change from one company to another. Some lender required the entire document and some lender demand lesser. Robocash requires minimum document. You need a PAN Card and Address proof to get a loan from Robocash.

Eligibility criteria also change from one company to another. Therefore, you should check the eligibility criteria of the company before applying for a loan. If you apply to multiple lenders, it will decrease your chances of approval.

Salary advance loan benefits

Fewer credit criteria

If you are new to credit or you have less credit score, there is a high chance you can get a salary advance loan. Your salary and job profile matters more than your credit history in this type of loan.
 Least document

You require to present a minimal document. The process is online. You do not have to submit a physical document for a salary advance loan.

Quick service - The approval process of salary advance loans is very fast. Companies understand you need this fund urgently. You can get approval from 30 minutes to 48 hours depending on the lender.
 Prepayment facility

You get an option to close your loan even before the due date. It will not have any extra charges. It will help you to save interest charges. You have to pay the interest-only for days you use money.
 Flexible EMI

In a Salary advance loan, you can opt for EMI payment. You can also make payment in one shot, depending on the loan amount and terms.

Instant fund transfer – Once your loan application gets approved, you get money instantly in your bank account. You do not have to wait to receive money.

Does Robocash provide a salary advance loan?

Robocash is an instant personal loan company in India. It provides short term personal loans. We at Robocash give instant loans to both salaried and self-employed both. So if you are a student, pensioner or freelancer and have some source of income, you can apply for Robocash Loan.
Robocash India does not offer specific salary advance loans. However, you can apply for an instant personal loan from Robocash for any reason. You can use our loan money for paying bills, shopping, medical and any other need.
Robocash personal loan is an unsecured loan and does not need any collateral. You can apply for the loan with a minimal document that is Pan Card and address proof only.
The application process for a Robocash loan is simple and easy. First, you can easily upload the required minimum document. Then, you can complete all the loan processes within five minutes. After that, you use Robocash mobile app or our website for the loan application. 
The eligibility criteria for the loan applicant is must be an Indian citizen. In addition, the applicant age must be minimum of 21 years old, and the maximum age is 58 years. 
The application process of a Robocash loan is simple and easy. The loan will be approved in the least time required for the process. 

Instant salary advance loan FAQs 

✔How does a salary advance loan works?

Salary advance loan is for the salaried employees who earn a fixed monthly salary. Salary advance loans fill the gap between earnings and expenses in the month. The loan repayment is done in the form of an equal monthly instalment (EMI). In some cases, the loan repayment is done in a single installment. Single installment repayment is used in the case of lower loan amounts.

✔What are the charges of salary advance loan? 

The rate of interest charged on the salary advance loan changes from one company to another. The company also charge variable rate of interest for salary advance loan. The company uses some parameters for calculating the interest rate for the customer.

✔How much Salary Advance can I get?

The amount of loan you get through salary advance loan depends on monthly income. In India, a salary advance loan provided by an online loan company is a maximum of up to three times your monthly salary. 

✔How important is my credit score in getting an advance salary loan?

Your credit scores in important in getting any unsecured loan. A good credit score increases the chance of acceptance of the loan. In addition, an applicant who has a good credit score gets a higher loan amount at a lower interest rate.

Who is eligible for a Salary Advance Loan?

Eligibility for salary advance loan in India is that the applicant must be an Indian citizen. In addition, applicants must get a fixed monthly salary from the employer. Some companies also fixed the age and credit criteria for the loan application.


Getting a fixed salary provides you with financial security for a month. Due to high inflation maintaining the expenses is hard. Some time certain unexpected expenses come in life. Salary advance Loan bridge the gap between your salary and extra expenses come in the month. You repay the loan in convenient EMI according to your income. You can also repay the loan in one installment in some cases. In a salary advance loan, you can prepay your EMI without any charge. 
A salary advance loan is an unsecured loan taken by salaried employees. The digital lending companies are the one who provides these type of loans. Online Loan Company provides salary advance loans at lower credit criteria. Document required for digital loan company is minimal. 
If you have to face some cash crunch during the month, you can take the loan from Robocash. Robocash loan is available at the minimum document and simple online loan application. The rate of interest of the Robocash loan is very competitive, and all the process is quick.


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