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Marriage Loan Guide

Key takeaways

  • Wedding loans are very popular in India.
  • If you need a large amount of a wedding loan, go to a bank. 
  • If you need a smaller amount of money for a short term, go to Robocash.

A marriage loan is a type of personal loan available for the expenses of marriage. Indian wedding functions are long and big with so many traditions to follow. Preparation for the wedding starts two weeks before the date of marriage. During all functions and management of weddings, a lot of expenses come. At a wedding, shopping is the most crucial part of the function. Family members to relatives all have to do some types of shopping. To manage all these expenses, you need money. Marriage loans help to manage your cost. Parents of the bride and groom take a higher amount of loans to handle different types of expenses. Relatives and other family members take loans to manage their costs. Robocash personal loan marriage helps you in short-term money needs for the wedding.  

Why do you need to apply for a wedding loan?

Indian wedding function is more than a function. It is about traditional culture and the reunion of two families. Therefore, you need money to meet the unforgettable moment for all life during the wedding functions.

Marriage in India changes according to cast, culture, religion, and region. It also depends on the preferences of the bride and groom or family members. Costs of marriage also vary from one person to another person. Parents of a girl child have savings for the wedding of the daughter in most cases. Wedding loans in India are easy to take.

In events like marriage, every saving is small due to inflation after that time. Over time new expenses are also coming in wedding functions. A loan for marriage in India helps you to manage all the costs. Marriage loan interest rate varies from lender to lender.

The wedding function is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so everyone wants to make it grand and memorable. Making a wedding great, people plan to create uniqueness to celebrate functions. Destination wedding to unique and designer outfit for bride and groom, everything comes on cost. A wedding loan helps you make your dreams come true by fulfilling all your wishes.

Marriage Loan requirements

A loan for weddings in India you can use to cover any expenses. Marriage Loans are a loan which you take for your or your loved one's wedding. In general, you can take a wedding loan equal to your net income for 1 year. The rate of interest is almost the same as personal loans. Many NBFCs and Banks do not offer specific wedding loans, but they can provide you with a personal loan for the wedding. The interest rate starts from 11%, and it can go up to 36% per annum. Depending on your approved amount, you get time to repay this loan in EMI for 3-60 months.

If you have any fixed source of income like salary or you are doing your own business, you can easily avail of the wedding loan. Wedding loans are available for yourself or your very close people like children and siblings. However, it isn't easy to get a wedding loan for someone else's marriage.

The common types of expenses in Indian wedding

Banquet hall and wedding destination booking: - It is an expense that needs for pre-booking of marriage destination and Banquet hall. If you do not need to book these places in marriage seasons, you may miss the chance to celebrate marriage at a specific location or banquet hall.


Decoration is the most important part of making wedding grand. Decoration of home to marriage place creates unique enjoyment for all. In functions where decoration is more attractive, everyone wants to click pictures. People share their pleasure on different social media platforms.

✔Jewellery and accessories shopping

Shopping for jewellery in marriage is most expensive. It needs a higher amount of money. Indian families believe that investing in gold or jewellery is only a reasonable expense in marriage. 

✔Photography and videography

It is the cost to capture your unforgettable moment. Photographers save your happiness in the form of images and videos. A better photographer keeps your celebration memorable for all your life. When you see pictures and videos in the future, all memories are recreated in your mind.

✔Food and catering cost

Better food is only possible when you hire a professional caterer. Tasty food in marriage is the best hospitality for your guest, and they share this moment with others.

✔Shopping for clothes

Clothes shopping or other shopping for marriage is most hectic work at the time of marriage. Function like marriage, everyone wants to look unique. So shopping for clothes is time taking and expensive work. Particularly shopping for the bride's and groom's wedding outfits. 

✔Guest accommodation

Last but not least accommodation for the guests is necessary. A better guest accommodation facility is memorable hospitality for them. Wedding loans in India can help you to provide the best experience to your guests.

Where can I get a personal loan for a wedding?

Taking a marriage loan for a girl or a personal loan for marriage. To Find out the best lender, first, check the marriage loan eligibility criteria of the lender. During your research, always keep in mind how much EMI you can afford to repay. A marriage loan's interest rate is the main factor for your repayment amount. Another factor that involves the total repayment amount is the tenure of the loan.

A common source of loan for marriage purpose


Wedding loans in India need huge amounts, especially in a girl's marriage. The bank is the first choice for the higher amount loan. Bank provides personal loans for weddings to existing customers and non-customers both. Eligibility of loan for a wedding in India changes from bank to bank. Banks provide a higher amount of loans, so their credit criteria are also high. If you fulfil the bank's eligibility criteria for a specific loan, then you can take it. 
In India, a higher loan is taken for a daughter or son's personal marriage and marriage. If you are the main earning member of the family, you can also apply for a loan for your sister's marriage. Loan request for sister wedding also gets approved.

Banks provide loans for long periods, and the amount is high. Therefore, you need to repay a higher EMI and the total repayment amount for the loan.

✔Government scheme

A government loan for marriage is a loan provided by the government bank. The loan is provided to the government and PSU employees. The government does not provide specific loan facilities for marriage.
Central and state government schemes for marriage loans are a type of support provided by the government. A government loan for girl marriage is a type of support provided by the government. 

The central government scheme 'Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana' is the popular scheme for girl's marriage. It is a savings scheme plan for a girl's marriage. The rate of interest given on the saving amount is the highest compared to other saving schemes.
Government loan for girl's marriage is a support provided by the state governments for the poorer sections of society. A government scheme for marriage loans helps people to get loans for marriage at a low cost.

A minority marriage loan is a marriage loan for poor girls by the government. The Karnataka government has launched a scheme for poor minority girls called the Shaadi Bhagya scheme. Marriage loans for poor girls by the government are available in very few states.

* All the scheme is the government's support for girl's marriage and not a specific type of loan or a marriage loan by the government.

✔Other Lending companies

You can take personal loans for a wedding from digital lending companies. The digital lending platforms provide small amounts of loans for the short term. For example, suppose you need a small amount of money to fill a gap between your savings and the extra cost of the wedding. The digital lender provides a loan with the least document and lower credit criteria. For example, Robocash personal loan offers money for any purpose.

Does Robocash provide a wedding loan?

Robocash does not provide a targeted loan for weddings. However, you can take Robocash instant personal loan for any purpose. You can take a loan from Robocash and use it for different types of wedding expenses. For example, a Robocash loan helps you purchase clothes for marriage in the family, friend, or relative. If you need some money for any expense for the short term, you can take a loan from Robocash. Robocash personal loans for weddings can help you to cover your short term expenses.

Robocash personal loan is available with minimal documents and a simple online process. You do not need any physical documents. In addition, we provide loans at a competitive rate of interest. Robocash loan starts from as low as Rs. 1,000. Your limit will increase every time you repay your loan on time. Robocash loans are available for the short term.

Our best customers can repay the loan amount in 75 days. New customers can repay the loan at any time. They have to pay interest only for the days they use money. To use a Robocash loan beyond 15 days, you need to opt for an extension. You can increase the number of days at your convenience. 

How to choose the best wedding loan

Getting a marriage loan in India is not a big deal, but finding the best option is more important. When searching for a lender to get a wedding loan, estimate how much you need. If you take a specific amount of loan, ensure you can repay the EMIs on time. Before taking a loan, calculate your final repayment amount and EMI. Smaller EMI, according to your earnings, is better for your personal finance.

Some points to keep in mind for taking a marriage loan

Estimate your expense

Make a plan for your wedding and set up the budget for everything. Check how much savings you have for marriage and how much extra money you need. First, look for an option from where you can get that extra money. You can also consider making some cuts in the plan to reduce the budget. You will get a final estimate of the remaining amount. Then, you can plan to take a loan of the remaining amount.

Other Options

If you are salaried, you must be having some savings in PF. You can take some amount from PF for wedding purposes. It will cover some of your expenses. You might need a small amount of loan after taking this money for your help. You can take upto 50% of your total PF savings for marriage purposes. These funds are available only for weddings of your close ones like your own children.

Identify lender 

Check offers of all lenders for marriage loans. Check your eligibility. You can compare the rates of different lenders. If you have any ongoing loans, check if you can get a top-up on that loan. In general, top-up loans are cheaper, and you can get at the rate of your previous cheaper loans like a Home loan. Identify your eligibility and compare the rates of different lenders. Also, check how much you can borrow from a lender. Is it meeting your requirements?

Ability to repay

It is important to find out how much you can repay your loan in a month. If it is your marriage, you should consider changes in your budget post marriage. Consider your other ongoing EMIs. Overall your total EMI amount should not exceed 40% of your net monthly income. Choose your loan tenures and terms in which you can afford to repay.


In India, the marriage function is an unforgettable moment of life. Every bride and groom wants to make all the functions grand in India, where different traditions, cultures, and languages exist. The procedures of marriage also differ from person to person. In India, different types of marriage functions are celebrated according to region and religion. Everyone has somehow saved some money for marriage. The expenses of marriage are higher than saving. 

In India, after the internet revolution, many digital lending companies came into the market. This digital lending company provides targeted wedding loans in India. The amount needed changes from person to person. Finding out the best lender according to your needs is important. Wedding loan interest rates in India are mostly the same as personal loans.
If you need a higher amount of wedding loan for the long term, a bank is the best option. A marriage loan in a bank is available for higher terms. If you need a smaller amount of money for a shorter period, a digital loan is better. Digital lender's rate of interest is higher compared to a traditional bank. Digital lenders provide smaller amounts to repay the loan in a short period. The interest paid on the short-term loan by you is lower. 

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