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How Paperless Loans Work in India?

Key takeaways

✓You can get money within a minute in a paperless loan app.
✓Online paperless Robocash loan is safe to use. 
✓Robocash ensures the security of your data.

Imagine you are enjoying a long holiday away from your home and suddenly you need cash. Mostly in such situations, it becomes impossible to get money instantly. The online paperless loan can come to the rescue.

An instant paperless loan is a loan that is available digitally to you without any paperwork. These loans are available in digital form. You can apply for this paperless personal loan online. For basic KYC requirements, you need to upload pictures of documents like PAN and Address proof.
You do not need to visit anywhere physically. A paperless personal loan does not require you to submit any paper. Your loan application will be online. You need to submit all the details. An AI-based system will review your application without human intervention. It assures a fair chance for everyone to get money regardless of credit score.

You need to download the Robocash App or website. Fill in your basic details and provide photos of your document. You will get money in your bank account once your application is approved. It is for the first time. From the second time, you do not even have to do all this. All you need to do is log in with your registered mobile number. You will see the limit of the amount you can get. Choose any amount which you want. It will be disbursed in your bank account within a minute. The 10 second paperless instant loan scheme is accurate for our repeat borrowers. It is effortless to get an instant paperless personal loan.

Eligibility for Online Paperless Loan

Online paperless loans are accessible and available for everyone. However, there are some essential qualification criteria which are applicable for getting a paperless personal loan online.
To become eligible for an online paperless loan, you need to be an Indian citizen. The minimum age requirement is 21 years old to get a paperless loan. Then, you need a valid PAN Card which is required for registration. You cannot proceed with your application without a PAN Card. After that, you need address proof. Address proof of your current resident is mandatory. 
You do not need to present or submit any document physically. However, photos of documents are required to complete a mandatory KYC process.
Apart from these documents, you need to have some income source. You will be required to declare your income, but we do not ask for any income source proof. Income source will ensure you are capable of repaying your loan amount. It isn't very easy for people without any income source to get an instant paperless loan.

 Once you get the loan for the first time, then you do not have to worry. From next time you do not have to go through the eligibility criteria again. The system will recognize you as an eligible customer if you have already got a loan once. However, it also requires you to repay your loan on time. If you have not repaid your loan amount on time, the system might reject you.

Paperless Loan Application Process

Paperless personal loans in India are easy to get. The process of this loan application can be done by anybody from the comfort of their home. You need to visit the Robocash website or app to start the process. It is available in a regional language such as Hindi and Marathi. You can choose the language of your choice and start the application.
You will require a working mobile number to sign up. OTP will come on your number to confirm. Then, you need to fill out your basic details. The system will do the first round of checking. If your profile is eligible for the online paperless personal loan, you will need to upload photos of your document. Once photos of your document are approved, you need to choose the amount. After that, you have to sign the loan agreement with the OTP and get money instantly in your bank account. If your photos are not approved, you will get an option to upload the photos again.
For repeat borrowers the process is very simple. First, you need to log in to your Robocash account with your registered mobile number. Then, ensure you have closed your previous loan on time. Choose the loan amount. Sign the loan agreement with OTP and get money instantly in your bank account. Paperless loan approval is speedy and happens within seconds. It is available from anywhere at any time of the day.

Advantages of Robocash Paperless Loans

The paperless loan has many advantages apart from being readily available. It can help you anytime in any emergency. You can get an instant paperless personal loan with a few clicks from your mobile phone. 
Robocash offers one of the best and easy paperless loans in India.

  1. Get money in your bank account and use cash for any purpose.
  2. Available within a minute on all days, even on weekends and holidays
  3. Pay interest only for the days you use money
  4. Get a higher limit for your next loan by repaying on time
  5. Easy process and does not require any income proof
  6. No need to visit anywhere
  7. No need to present any papers or documents
  8. Higher chances of approval compared to traditional loans

The decision happens within a minute. You do not have to wait for many days to know the status of your application
Online paperless personal loans are beneficial not only for individuals but also for the environment. It reduces the carbon footprint by saving paper. It reduces the effort required to get by removing tedious processes. It is more secure to get an online loan compared to a physical loan. Your documents and information are safer in personal loan paperless.

Paperless Loans with the Mobile App

The mobile app offers services at great comfort. You can get anything from a few taps/clicks from the comfort of your home. Instant paperless loans are no different. You can take the paperless loan from your mobile app. If you do not want to download the app, you can visit the Robocash website, which is device-friendly and works on every device. Robocash App is available in the Google Play Store, or you can download it directly from our website.
Mobile Apps help you to get an instant paperless personal loan from anywhere. All you need is to download the app. You can take money from the app anytime. The app is secure and easy to use. It ensures your data is safe and can be accessed by you only. App also helps you to make payments easily from the payments app which you use on your phone. You do not have to struggle with a website link or anything. You can open your Robocash Loan app anytime and make money.

Are Paperless Loans Safe?

Yes, Paperless loans are very safe to avail. It does not take any information without your permission. You can read the terms and conditions and allow access to data only if you are comfortable. Your data with online paperless loan company Robocash is 100% safe. 

Your basic information helps the company to make your credit profile. You can access your data all the time. If you want to deny access, you have an option to do it. Your data is visible to only you or the company's system. Even company employees cannot access your data. They can access only the essential details which are required for their work. You can be assured about the data security of the instant paperless loan app Robocash.

Check the lock icon next to url in the web browser to know if the site is safe or not. Do not provide any data if the site is not marked as safe. You should check general terms and conditions and privacy policy. It will help you to understand the purpose of the data taken from you.

When you are applying for an offline loan, you expose your data at multiple points. Lender's employees or vendors can see your data sometimes, even if it is not required. It is not the case with online paperless loan app. 
When you apply for a loan on a paperless loan app, There is no chance of you missing or misplacing any documents. It ensures total safety.


A 10-second paperless instant loan scheme can help you with instant cash. You do not have to worry even on holidays or late at night. You can get money from anywhere anytime. Money comes directly into your bank account. 
Online paperless personal loan app Robocash is safe to use. Robocash ensures the security of your data.
Paperless personal loans online are offered at daily interest rates. You need to pay interest on money only for the day you use it. After that, you can repay it anytime and save your interest.
From next time when you need money urgently, you can rely on a paperless loan app. You can get money within a minute.


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