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Emergency Loans in India

Key takeaways

  • An emergency loan is an unsecured personal loan.
  • It is provided for any emergency expense like a medical aid or auto repair. 
  • Robocash can help you get an emergency loan.

An emergency loan is an unsecured personal loan taken for any financial emergency. You can take an emergency loan for any uncertain expenses that come in day-to-day life. The Emergency always comes, unplanned. It does not depend on how well you are prepared for it.
At the time of Emergency, you need some urgent money that helps you to come out from the situation. When facing an uncertain urgency, arranging money is very stressful. An emergency loan is designed for this type of problem a person faces. The Emergency loans help you to manage their need for cash.

Some common types of Emergency Loans

Medical Emergency

Medical Emergency can come to any of us anytime. It is not in our hands to control it. It is the most common Emergency when a person needs cash to handle the situation. 
A medical emergency loan is used for any medical treatment required. The only bigger health problem is not a medical emergency. Some common health issues also need some extra money. For example, if you get injured or hurt at month-end, you may need some urgent cash. Your treatment cannot wait for your salary. You will require cash urgently. 

Auto repair

There is no guarantee when your vehicle will get stuck for technical issues and require servicing. It may be two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Sometimes technical faults comes surprisingly and require repair and exchange of some spare parts as needed. That time you will need some extra money for the repair and to buy spare parts. In this case, an emergency loan can help to repair the vehicle. 

Home renovation

Due to heavy rain and some other reason, some home renovation is needed. For this, some money is required on an urgent basis. For example, in case the kitchen and bathroom water supply gets damaged, and it needs urgent repairing. That time you will need some money to pay the charges of the plumber and replace some product.
An emergency loan can help you with the painting, electricity repairing, and plumber working. You do not have to wait for these services.

Wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony is fun, but you need to spend a lot even to attend a wedding. However, in case you do not prepare for the attaining prior, due to your busy schedule. For example, you plan to visit a wedding ceremony or some other function at the last moment. In this case, you need extra money. Emergency loans help you manage your finances and celebrate happiness with family.

Natural disaster

At the time of the disaster, you face many problems. At that time, you may end up losing essential things at your home. You need financial help to survive and support your family. Disaster may be of any type and can come at any time. That time the need for money increases, and you try to manage these expenses—an emergency loan or personal loan according to your need can help you overcome the disaster. As soon as you come out from this problem, you can continue your routine life.

Robocash Emergency Loan online

When an emergency comes into your life, at that time, any difficulties in getting financial help are extra stress on your mind. So if a person faces an uncertain emergency, they try to get an emergency loan. Robocash's instant personal loan process is online. Robocash emergency loans help customers by disbursing money in few hours. You do not require going anywhere. You can complete the application from anywhere, anytime.
At the time of urgency, you can take a loan from Robocash and spend it for an emergency. Robocash's simple method of taking a loan helps you come out from an emergency and not take any stress for the loan. Taking a loan from a bank takes some days or weeks. The Emergency doesn't wait for anything. Emergency loan online is the best option to fulfill your financial need at a time of crisis.
 Existing borrowers of Robocash can avail of the emergency loan within a minute. They do not have to upload the documents again. However, they have to select the amount and term and get money on successful verification.

Robocash Emergency Loan Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for a Robocash loan are that the person must be an Indian citizen. The age of the borrower should be 21 to 60 years. Applicant job status in the current job must be more than three months.
If a person is a self-employed or part-time worker, they are also eligible for Robocash Loan.

Robocash Emergency Loan Documents Required

A loan from Robocash requires the minimum document and did not need any physical documents. The document required for the loan is Pan Card and address proof only.
As address proof, the loan applicant can use any address proof accepted for KYC by RBI. Our repeat borrowers do not have to provide any documents. 

How to Apply for Emergency Loan in Robocash

You need to follow these simple steps to apply for an emergency loan in Robocash

  1. Register with mobile number
  2. Provide your details like Date of Birth, Name, Gender, Address, etc
  3. Enter OTP get on your registered mobile number
  4. Provide your bank details where you get the loan amount
  5. Upload photos of your document Pan Card and Address proof
  6. Wait for approval from the company.
  7. Get loan money in your given bank account.

Advantages of an Emergency Cash Loan

There are money advantages of an emergency loan. A benefit can be different from person to person. When an emergency comes in life, that person is stressed. In a stressed mind, arranging money is hectic for anyone. So if someone gets a loan in a simple online loan application, it is helpful.
At the time of urgency, loans are required for the short term. But, most of the time, it required a small amount of money. The small amount of Robocash emergency loan helps you in different ways. First, it helps you to not break any fixed deposit and other investments.
If a person needs a small loan amount and they go to the bank for the loan. Bank takes much time to process for loan and provides a higher amount of loan that is an extra burden on you. In this case, financial conditions and financial management are stressful after some time.

If we take an example, Mohan is working in the IT sector and he gets salary on every month's end date. Mohan always uses a car for travelling to the office from home. In mid-month, he met with a small accident, and now his car needs urgent servicing. Mohan has just bought a new appliance and is running out of money this month. In this case, Mohan applies for a small loan from Robocash. He repairs his car and pays the service charge from the Robocash loan amount. He repays his loan when he gets his salary next month.
Take another example of a medical emergency. Neeti is working in a private company and lives with her family in Mumbai. Neeti gets her salary in the first week of every month. Neeti is supporting her family from her earnings. Suddenly her mother falls ill. Now she needs some money for a short period till she gets her salary for the month. Neeti applies for the loan from Robocash and gets the money in some hour. Neeti uses Robocash loan money for the medicines of her mother.

Personal loan for medical emergencies

An emergency medical loan is the same as another emergency personal loan. It is an unsecured personal loan provided for a medical emergency. A medical emergency has never come with prior information. That needs some money to take care of the person. 
If you are waiting for your salary and some uncertain medical emergency comes into your life. For example  if you suffer from flu or viral fever, you will need money urgently. You met with a small accident like you slipped somewhere and required immediate medical attention. Though the amount you will require is small, it can become difficult if it comes at the end of the month.  In such situations Robocash emergency loans help you to manage your money needs. 
When you need a small emergency loan of up to 10000, the bank will not give you a small loan. The process of the bank is also very hectic. Therefore, an online loan that provides less than 10000 is the best option for the medical emergency loan.
Robocash emergency loans in India help you to manage medical emergencies. You can repay the amount when you get the salary. Robocash loans can be used to buy medicines. Robocash does not provide customized medical loans, but you can use the money for any medical needs.
Before Applying for Emergency Loans consider some point.

  1. Amount of money you need
  2. Repayment ability
  3. Eligibility criteria of the loan
  4. Rate of interest
  5. Document required for loan
  6. Other terms and conditions for the loan


An emergency loan is an unsecured personal loan. It is provided for any emergency expense. Emergency loan is available on a simple online application—the emergency loan app like Robocash instant personal loan mobile app. 

Most finance companies provide emergency loans, but an online loan is simple and easy to take. Robocash instant personal loan service is a good option for any type of Emergency. The term emergency changes from person to person. An emergency like a medical Emergency, auto repair emergency, or buying a product. Urgency needs urgent money for the Emergency. 

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