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At Robocash, we take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and privacy of our system to provide a secure and best experience to our customers. The customer and their data security are important for us. We do our best to eliminate any problem (even potential), which may affect the privacy of user data in one way or another.
If you find any issue which may affect the security of users or servers, please report as much information as possible about the issue to [email protected]. We encourage a responsible* disclosure of any vulnerability you may find on our public servers to keep our business and customers safe. We will connect with you and keep you updated on the progress of the research and the solving of the problem throughout the process.
*You can only use your account to test and demonstrate vulnerabilities. You should not hack anyone’s account or try to access their data for any purpose. Do not perform any testing that may disrupt the operation of our servers or clients, as well as lead to blocking, modification, deletion of site data and/or other users.