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Robocash - Online Loan Robot! does all the work without the human help. We try to make our collaboration comfortable to the maximum for our clients. We work every day on an ongoing basis

Instant service without the human factor

We have created a unique technology - the "Robocash" does all the work without the help of a person. To analyze the 1800 parameters of the application, make the decision about granting the loan and transfer the requested amount, you need only a few minutes. The robot does not know the tiredness, so it works throughout the day.

The decision to grant the loan will be taken immediately

The system is fully automated

At least 1800 customer form data are analyzed

Credit history does not matter

If your credit history is unfavorable as a result of past payment delays, Robocash will not reject your request. Our company tries to understand every customer! Since a lot of data is analyzed on a prospect's form, the credit history data is not the most significant.

  • Ideal credit history is not the primary cause of approval

  • Loans are approved in 90% of cases

  • This gives each one the possibility of availing loan from the robot

We have gained the trust of a large number of customers

We respect and appreciate the users of Russia, Kazakhstan and Spain - Robocash has occupied a solid position as a successful and trustworthy company. Day by day we continue to improve and increase the number of regular users. Every day we receive thousands of requests from people, who are in a complicated financial situation. About 80% of borrowers recommend serving people they know and are still with us.

No less than 80% of our customers recommend us to other people

Every day the robot approves thousands of requests

Our clients trust us fully

We appreciate our customers

We try to make our collaboration comfortable to the maximum for our clients. If you have any problems, please contact our customer service operators. More than 90% of cases are solved instantly. Since economic difficulties can appear at any time, the service is accessible at any time of the day, even in days that are not officially non-working.

The service is very comfortable and the operation
of the website is very simple

We work every day on an ongoing basis

About 92% of problems are solved
with a call to customer service

How to get the loan?

Very easy! Until the receipt of the loan you only need 3 steps and 4 minutes of time!


Enter the required amount and the term within which you can return it.


Fill out a questionnaire - brief and easy.


Wait for the transfer of amount. You will receive it in a few minutes.

The main advantages of `Robocash`

Customers are served by an automated system instantly.

To obtain the loan you just have to leave the application in the form of a short questionnaire. The robot will analyze and approve it without the help of a manager.

Repaying the loan is just as easy as receiving it. You do not have to leave home - you are offered several options at your choice to make the payment in online mode.

For our customers we have sought the most advantageous conditions. In case if you have returned the amount of first loan on time, upon receiving the following, you are given a discount.

The conditions of receipt of money are totally transparent. We will not charge you cover fees, payments for the granting of extensions or for making transfers.

The loan is formalized on the basis of a single document - the PAN. No certificate on earnings or guarantors is required.

The formalization will take only 4 minutes, so 96% of customers have the positive impression about working with the service. We value your time!